“Just Be Water”

There’s no better moment than the silent present moment of meditation.

In silence there are no projections of a negative and degenerate society. There are no words, no stereotypes, no race, labels, or inferiority. It’s all non existent. Invisible and an hallucination to the ears, eyes, and soul. As 1 of my best friends, Maiah would say, “God is the only constant” and He doesn’t care about our past at all. He is however interested in our thought process concerning the present moment and the future. There’s this faint beauty that grows increasingly as time moves on. Always continue to find the love, peace, gratitude, and joy in all that you endure. “It’s gonna be otaaaaaay”. The older we get the more labels will be put on us based on our walk and trials. They’re just words and labels made by some entities from back when, back where. The same ones who created the clock, calendar, and donuts(hahaha).

Just take the dimensions of whatever you’re going through and be 1 with it all. Live in the length, breathe within the width, and adapt to the height. If you can’t change the circumstances immediately learn how to grow with it. It’s suppose to hurt. It’s suppose to burn. Nobody didn’t get nowhere without the casualties of life. Most importantly, be thankful and trusting of God through it all. 1 of the most strangest things I’ve ever done in life was to thank God for such intensity and pain while in the midst of the most unmanageable trials I’ve ever gone through. It didn’t even necessarily feel or sound right coming out of the mind or mouth. But, it spoke of extremely high volumes in the spiritual realm as well as this earthly dimension and it ultimately with consistency, time, and patience made me a stronger spirit for which no weapon can be formed against. Investigate the moment. Invest in God. Investigate your investment in how your water flows in each moment from God.