My name is ElReco Ramon a.k.a Ghost. (Isaiah 6: 8-9)

Why would I need the dictionary to define this when I have a first hand account of every visible and non visible symptom.

Depersonalization according to doctors, therapist, science, etc is a dissociative condition in which you feel outside of your body. You’re basically fragmented into many parts that make up the human anatomy of mind and body. You are disconnected, a separate entity all around, unfocused and in and out of the reality of life at times. “Many” say it’s due to extreme stress on the body and mind. It can also be due the effects of drugs like marijuana, LSD, or panic attacks, meditation, Lyme Disease, depression, or being off course in life.

(Psalm 51:17)Spiritually speaking, the soul has been darkened, weak, and to a degree lost. “1 foot in heaven, 1 foot on earth” as they say. It’s a dark stage and season of life that takes a lot of patience along with centering and grounding. Those on the spiritual course usually define the causes and effects due to a pursuit to higher learning of wisdom and knowledge or a higher elevation of spirituality. Spiritually speaking it is also due to being lost and off course in life or one’s lost identity. (Psalm 116: 1-8)

The route to Depersonalization brought about a variety of symptoms. The symptoms included panic attacks, extreme breathing issues(asthma, hyperventilation, loss of breathing pattern), depression, suicidal and dark thoughts, possessed, painful and strange headaches,  and derealization.

Today only 1 symptom exist and that is depersonalization. Many ask all the time how does it feel. Sometimes I feel like I don’t exist. Kind of like a spirit or soul. But, not in a bad way. Many perceive themselves to be dying and even possessed. There is a dark side that does come with the territory of depersonalization. Sometimes, I’m mentally drained which can also result into feeling out of sorts. But, even that is more rare these days. It just depends on what’s going on in my life.

The spiritual point of view is what I believe it to be. As a sound believer in God through Christ, I can’t quite relate to the fact that my mind was stressed out. My mind at 1 point in time was so wide open, it was extremely frightening at times. There were thoughts/hallucinations, and illusions I had that can’t be explained. A definite mystery within itself. The enigma of perceptions, prisms, and pain I went through is beyond just a stressed mind. Everybody has there ways of dealing with this mental condition and this was my way of dealing with it. I have found success in coping with depersonalization from a spiritual point of view.

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