What is meditation?

“So awesome to understand how completely incomplete I am. Such a beautiful possession of sorts.”

Based on my personal journey, meditation does not make mental illness/spiritual evolution go away completely. In a matter a fact it can enhance and intensify some mental illness/spiritual symptoms to some degree depending on each individual. It can be very difficult and discouraging for many. You have to put in a lot of time and work. It’s like a muscle 1 must exercise. By the way, most people don’t practice meditation consistently enough to fully understand and receive the benefits of meditation. Many will try for a few weeks or just a few months and give up. Speaking on behalf of myself, It took me about 8-9 months of meditation daily to fully reap the benefits of meditation. It gets easier as time goes on. In addition, what’s crucially important is that 1 must try and understand that meditation is a full completion and reflection of life as it exist beyond reality. Through meditation, some learn that they don’t exist just like how depersonalization can make us feel. At some point you become a clear, translucent particle of life that is simply a clear channel and avenue of energy, frequency, colors, love, hate, emotions, spirituality, and nature. It takes a lot of nurturing and management. Meditation strips away labels, religion, time, and pain in addition to body, face, and reality at timesĀ and it isn’t for everyone. It can be very challenging. Especially living in a system and construct such as America(Western Culture). It takes consistent practice daily. For some it can take over a year to finally get it right. Ultimately, “it” will seek you. For me meditation has helped tremendously. Meditation allowed me to accept this mental/spiritual condition and learn how to live with it. It made me stronger and I am thankful for the patience it took to get to the point I’m at now.