Helping someone who is suicidal in thoughts…

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A long time ago my mother told me that “I can’t wear other people emotions, paths, & purposes on my sleeves”.

I still remember that today as I help & cross paths with many. I come across many who painfully deal with thoughts and desires of suicide. It is my main purpose to be there for others going through the unheard and unseen trials and pains of life.

Ultimately you can’t save the individual. He or she must love and believe in themselves 1st and foremost. All you can do is listen & be there for them & check up on them constantly as much as you can without putting you, your family, and friends in jepordy. Another option is to help them join forums or groups with other like minded suicidal survivors & introduce other people who are survivors of suicide. I’m definitely not saying you should not care. That’s impossible. Just understand there is but so much you can do. Even you have to choose your own realities in life and can’t nobody do that for you but you when it’s all said & done.

Suicide tips

1.Express yourself. 1 of the worse things while coping with a mental condition is suppression of thoughts,  feelings, and memories. That is an exploding internal time bomb filling to the top waiting to explode. You must talk to someone. Find some people or someone you trust that is willing to let you lean on their shoulder and hold you. They need not do anything else but that unless you request more. Remember most people can’t relate to what you’re going through. But, there is always someone there. Prayer is key and is crucial.

2. Center you faith. My relationship with God through Christ helped me to get through everything. A spiritual foundation and the right spiritual community can be shoulders and wings to stand on.

3. No alcohol or drugs. That will only make matters worse. You will meet your demise much quicker that way. Drugs/alcohol have a way of opening up your soul and mind to very dark forces that inhabit this realm called earth.

4. Feed your mind. I’ve been there before. The mental anguish can hurt extremely bad at times. No bad how you feel you must go out and feed your mind,  body, and soul the stimulus of life. Museums, zoo, shopping, restaurants, dog parks, etc… You’ll thank yourself later for it whether you realize it or not.

5. Make  a list. Make a list of everything that makes you feel happy inside. Even if it’s only 1 thing, that ‘s ok. That 1 thing will lead to other things. Once you make your list, just follow it and there is where your treasure and passion will lie.

6. Keep away! Whatever thoughts you are having, it’s all an illusion/hallucination because your mind and soul is so wide open. More than likely you really don’t want to end  your life.  Your sub conscious and spirit will show you things in opposition. Stay away from whatever your mind is showing you. Rooftops, drugs, knives, train tracks,  etc… You don’t want to do these things. You’re just going through a very rough season of life.

7. Change your words and thoughts to that of exclusive optimism as frequent as possible every moment of the day.


1 (800) 273-8255

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Languages: English, Spanish

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