Grounding/Centering Techniques for Depersonalization and Derealization

“Half in Heaven, Half on earth”… – G h o s t

So, here are some grounding/centering techniques so that no matter what you’re dealing with in life whether it’s mental or not. These techniques will help you to not be so far lost in your mind where you’re stuck or contemplating the demise of life as we all have from time to time. These techniques will assist in giving your mind and body stimuli to keep you connected to this Earth dimension so that you can still experience all life has to offer and have joy and an inner peace inside. These techniques will allow you to have balance and no fear. You can now get away from it all, even if only for a moment. Then you can face your fears with more comfort and courage knowing that God and your angels are standing all around you and within.

Grounding/centering techniques…

1. Developing a strong & unbreakable relationship with God through the reading of scripture and frequent prayer throughout the day.
2. Walking on trails in the woods
3. Walking by water(ocean, lake, river, stream)
4. Exercise(walking, running, bike, skateboarding, strength training)
5. Be active (Go out to eat, restaurants, museums, concerts, etc…)
6. Be present tense (Use all 5 senses individually throughout each day) Present tense allows you to define what’s real and what’s not real regarding being here on earth. Touch things constantly throughout the day and say it aloud, hear things and say it aloud, smell things and say it aloud, taste things and say it aloud. Make a new reality.
7 . Pursue new hobbies and passions. Redefine your new present tense daily. Gravitate and go toward things that make you feel happy, relaxed, and peaceful inside. Go toward things that take your mind off of things for awhile.
8. Touch yourself (touch your face, legs, arms, ears, lips, stretch, etc…) Touching can help put you back into your body. It can help to not feel so out of your body especially when things feel very vivid and intense. The more you do it, the easier and quicker you’ll be able to connect to yourself and your surroundings.
9. Have a pet(dogs, cats help out tremendously with depersonalization and derealization). Especially, dogs because you can walk them and explore life with them.
10. Chew gum(had to throw this in there). Yes, it helps tremendously.

Although, you will go back to the “out of body” and “unreal world” state at times. You will get stronger and be able to cope/deal with what’s going on. Depersonalization may or may not ever leave. But, life is still able to be enjoyed. ┬áLike I always say, “1 foot in heaven, 1 foot on earth”. Take care

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