Depression… (Mental Health)

“Depression is an evil enigma that is capable of wrapping the soul, body, and mind in darkness with keys most of which do not fit”… ElReco Ramon

Imagine the saddest feeling you’ve ever felt in your life. Now imagine waking up every single day for months to years with that same exact feeling plus 2oo lbs of internal and mental anguish. Now, imagine all those exact detailed characteristics of depression in addition to the fact that you can’t control the emotional strain. It’s stays stuck to you day after day, after day. You’re in a dark hole and there is no light for many.

Depression carries numerous wicked causes. The causes range from losses of important and vital people in each individual’s life, childhood trauma, heartbreak, loss of jobs/careers, loss of identity or journey, doubts, regrets, bitterness, etc… All of these circumstances can leave you crippled and stagnant from months to many years or even resulting in death.

The depression I had was caused by a lack of identity and journey by route of numerous issues like panic attacks, exteme breathing issues and dark thoughts. Everything had been stripped from me. My career was gone, I gave away most of my belongings, God seemed distant in my life, and even my hobbies and passions lacked purpose of life. Perfect recipe for a slide down the dark tunnel of death. Self pity is something strange many people seek company with. “Nevertheless, the company you keep will keep you”.

God said, “I want you to just observe… Observe everything that is natural and organic and He would take care of the rest”.

Depression isn’t easy to deal with at all. It’s unimaginable if you’ve never dealt with it before. Each individual who goes through this mental condition or season will experience it in his or her own way. There are numerous routes to getting better and leaving it behind. But each individual must seek his or her own truth when dealing with this dark  and emotional condition. For me, God revealed my truth in the simple things of life. The trees, rivers, flowers, animals, clouds, etc… For some God sends a messenger in the form of a therapist or counselor. It could be a friend or parent.  Some need medication to help with dealing with depression. It doesn’t matter what you do to get better as long as you get better. Life is not meant to be lived in darkness. I refuse to believe otherwise.

These holiday seasons in particular are very dark and depressing days. Especially, when you’ve spent them year after year with loved one’s or hearts that don’t exist anymore. You have to get outside of your heart and mind sometimes in order to put things in order. That’s why God gave us the stimulus of life and people. That’s why God gave us trees, water, droplets of rain, and wind that starts from nowhere in particular. “If you want to get out, you must get out”. Depression and the dark mass a.k.a satan will rule your life and soul if you let it. I recommend the best remedy is to find a balance of passions and joys in life to assist with leaving depression behind. Rebuild a new identity and there you will find your treasure of escape. As you create your escape, the pain, emotional trauma, and memories will get weaker and weaker. You have to redefine and develop new purposes. The greatest purpose being that “we are not here to be served, but to serve others”.

Just as important as the rest, in order to find the king treasure of them all you must learn how identify with love. “God’s love”. Go to the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself no matter what pain, flaws, sins, and nicks you have. You must accept yourself for who you are if you want life and others to accept you for who you are. God conspires on behalf of all willing to release and relinquish control of self. As you do these things in route to a better health, God will heal and show you new things, possibilities and realities.

Tips on how to handle depression…

1. Developing a strong & unbreakable relationship with God through the reading of scripture and frequent prayer throughout the day. Motivational books are wonderful also. God will meet you where He needs to meet you.

2. Locate someone or a group of people that you can talk to. Always, remember this person or persons must not be judgmental. In depression you’re blind and you only need people by your side who will just hold you, listen to you, and tell you they love you.

3. Walking on trails in the woods(In daylight)

4. Walking by water(ocean, lake, river, stream)

5. Exercise(walking, running, bike, skateboarding, strength training)

6. Be active (Go out to eat, restaurants, museums, concerts, etc…)

7. Eat well (A healthy diet goes a very long ways when dealing with depression. There is something magical about the fruits and vegetable God has given us. Maintain a strong diet. Make sure you add in the appropriate proteins and fibers also.

8. Be present tense (Use all 5 senses individually throughout each day) Present tense allows you to define what’s necessary and what’s not necessary regarding purpose and why things are the way they are. “What will be will be”

9 . Pursue new hobbies and passions. Redefine your new present tense daily. Gravitate and go toward things that make you feel happy, relaxed, and peaceful inside. Go toward things that take your mind off of things for awhile.

10. Have a pet(if you can afford)

11. Create your own support group or organization. Reach out and find someone to help or volunteer with an organization where people or animals need help. Even if you’re not 100 percent better. You still are further along than many others. One word or sentence may be what someone needs to get to the next moment.

ElReco Ramon – “G h o s t”

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255)

Find support by searching for a depression support group in your area. (Depression and Bipolar Alliance)